FPGA Design Engineer (m/w/d)




Key Qualifications:

  • Hands on experience with FPGA architecture, tool chain, techniques and design flow:
  • Modern versions of Quartus/Vivado software
  • Intel 10 series FPGA devices: Arria 10 and Stratix 10
  • Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale
  • Thorough understanding of data bus interface: memory-mapped and streaming
  • Transceiver based high speed serial data transmission and reception
  • Static timing analysis
  • Modelsim or equivalent for logic simulation
  • SignalTap/Chipscope
  • FPGA based Soft MCU programming (NIOS, MicroBlaze)
  • FPGA IPs: PCIE, DMA, Memory Controller, etc.
  • Solid general electrical engineering knowledge: Signal and Power Integrity Principles.
  • SystemVerilog/Verilog for design and verification
  • Experience using and implementing common control protocols such as SPI,I2C,UART, etc.
  • Experience using FPGA Transceivers to implement DisplayPort/HDMI/USB SuperSpeed.
  • Deep understanding of HDL/RTL synthesis flow, performace vs area tradeoff.
  • Built FPGA designs involving high-performance interfaces including DDR3/4, LVDS, DSPs, Ethernet.
  • Ability to translate SW algorithms in C/Matlab into high performance HDL code.
  • Good knowledge of FPGA Clock Regions, Bank IO Constraints, Clocking resources - CMTs, PLLs, DLLs etc.
  • Practical lab debugging skills to bring-up FPGA designs on actual PCBs using Oscilloscope and Protocol Analyzers.
  • MCU based Embedded system design experience
  • Working knowledge with Linux
  • Familiar and maintain good practice with a mainstream version control tool such as Git or Perforce.


You will design, develop, optimize and debug FPGA based instrumentation used in interaction between host in a MacOS environment, device in an iOS/ embedded FW and other custom designed embedded systems. You will lead and own the architecture, design and deployment of calibration and testing methodologies around a new technology. Your role will involve working with HW design and SW teams to define and implement test coverage and calibration procedures using complex automated precision instrumentation. These instruments are used to calibrate and verify performance on Apple’s new products/ technologies. You will be working with our mechanical design team to specify and validate the required mechanical instrument design & automation systems for measuring and calibrating devices/components

Education & Experience:

Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering or Telecommunication Engineering, we highly value Master degrees and PhD/Doctorate.

Additional Requirements:

  • 3+ years of relevant EE & FPGA Design experience