Physical Design Engineer



Job Responsibilities:

As Physical Design / Layout Engineer, you'll act as a key contributor to the development of our next generation products. You will work in close contact with our analog design team and be responsible for:

  • Layout Planning, including estimation of development time and supporting assignments within project team
  • IC top Level Floor Planning and area estimation
  • Requirements derivation and documentation
  • Mask Design / Layout of High Precision analog circuits blocs, including:
    • Amplifiers
    • References
    • Switched capacitor ADCs
    • Filters
    • Oscillators
  • Layout Rules Checks
  • Post Layout Extraction
  • Top Level IC Integration
  • Layout documentation and Reviews

Job Levels available:

  • Senior Physical / Layout Design Engineer, Staff Physical / Layout Design Engineer, Principal Physical /Layout Design Engineer

Minimum Qualification:

  • BS/MS degree and relevant experience in Physical Design.

Desired Skill Set (not every applicant will have all these skills, especially if applying for fresh graduate position)

  • The candidate should be well versed analog and mixed signal layout techniques and experience on Cadence Layout tools (Virtuoso) and Mentor Graphics verification systems (Calibre).
  • The candidate should have analog layout & physical verification experience in HV precision analog process nodes and corresponding knowledge of layout dependent effects is expected.
  • Experience in layout of various circuit types is desirable: more than one of Amplifiers/OPAMP circuits, ADCs/DACs, LDOs, Bandgaps & Bias Circuits, Temperature Sensor, Oscillators
  • Knowledge of relevant device physics, matching techniques, ESD/Latchup mitigation techniques, circuit parasitic extraction & reduction, VXL compliance etc. is expected.
  • Experience in block floorplanning, subsystem & chip level layout and physical verification flows (LVS, DRC, Density, Extraction, EM) is expected.
  • Ability to closely and independently work with Analog Designers to solve performance and area challenges
  • Ability to program in SKILL/equivalent and script Calibre run-sets is desirable
  • Familiarity with automotive development processes is a plus.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
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