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E. B., Systemingenieurin im Bereich Unmanned Aircraft Systems

E. B.

"I really want to stay in Germany at ESG because my life goals fit to the opportunities that I have here."

Von E. B.



I studied aerospace engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology in the US and worked as an aerospace engineer with design, research and helicopter flight tests.

I am working in the department for Unmanned Aircraft Systems at ESG now. Mainly I do research projects which are related to technologies for unmanned aircraft systems.

I have been to Germany for two years as I can speak a little German and wanted to work in a country which is centrally located in Europe. Moreover, the economic situation of Germany is very good, and I also enjoy the landscape and the German culture.

There are a lot of advantages of working in Germany. For example, a 40 hours week which I have here is uncommon for an engineer in the US. I also appreciate the good quality of engineering power in Germany and the opportunity to get involved with my skills. Some other points are the work life balance, the payment for extra hours, the education system and healthcare. You will also be able to disappear for two weeks if you want to go on holidays.

In Germany you will find long-term mindset what helps you to make plans, whereas in the US you have a high working pace and the chance to realize new ideas in the short term.

People in Germany are expecting personal help from the government, while people from the US help and train each other.

Working at ESG means that you get to know other employees with interesting backgrounds and a lot of knowledge. The workspace is very good compared to US and you are flexible with your work time. Beside the good payment the ESG is a stable company, where I am happy to bring in my technological knowledge. I feel that there is a good fit between me and the company.

I really want to stay in Germany at ESG because my life goals fit to the opportunities that I have here. As ESG is a company with many options, I want to go the path of a design engineer with system design and optimization. I feel that ESG will be more international with the new structure and I am very curious about the development.